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Include bootstrap-tagsinput-angular.js and register the 'bootstrap-tagsinput' in your Angular JS application to use the bootstrap-tagsinput directive. Include bootstrap-tagsinput-angular.js and register the 'bootstrap-tagsinput' in your Angular JS application to use the bootstrap-tagsinput directive. $('input').tagsinput({ confirmKeys: [13, 44] }); maxTags: When set, no more than the given number of tags are allowed to add (default: undefined). jQuery selector fix for values containing quotes, Fixed: Existing tag removed instead replace, Setting style to `display: none` breaks browser-native validation; use `sr-only` class instead. Laravel 7 is now released which includes improvements from Laravel 6.x and many new features. Add the data-role="tagsinput" attribute to input fields or select elements and done. Open the project in the editor, you can use any editor of your choice but I recommend you to use VS Code.If you don’t have it,  have a look at this article on how to install and configure VS Code. You can add the border radius style to the bootstrap tags input. po.type = 'text/javascript'; Update bootstrap-tagsinput.js: issue #579 fixed [bootstrap3-typeahead] add support for latest version of bootstrap3-typeahead v4.0.2 and bloodhound v0.11.1 I modified the Angular directive to use the attributes `maxTags`, `maxChars`, `trimValue`, and `allowDuplicates`. Add these statements in index.html inside the body section. More... CDN-Hosted jQuery Library: , © Copyright 2012-2020 jQueryScript.Net - Privacy Policy - Sitemap - RSS Feed, Bootstrap 4 Tag Input Plugin With jQuery - Tagsinput.js, Turn On And Off All Checkboxes With jQuery - multiCheck, Bootstrap Country Picker Plugin With jQuery - countryPicker.js, jQuery Multiple Select Plugin For Bootstrap - Bootstrap Multiselect, International Telephone Input With Flags and Dial Codes, Beautiful jQuery File Upload Plugin with Bootstrap, Powerful Form Validation Plugin For jQuery and Bootstrap 3, jQuery Plugin For Multi Select List with Checkboxes - MultiSelect, Easy JavaScript/jQuery Input Mask Plugin - inputmask, Searchable Multi-select Dropdown Plugin With jQuery - Dropdown.js, Creating A Modern Multi-Step Form with jQuery and CSS3, Highly Customizable Range Slider Plugin For Bootstrap - Bootstrap Slider, User-friendly Multi Select Plugin For Bootstrap 4 - BsMultiSelect, Tiny Text Field Based Tags Input Plugin For jQuery - Tagify, Easy Responsive Multi-Select Plugin For jQuery - MagicSuggest, jQuery Plugin For Custom Tags Input and Select Box - selectize.js, Nice Clean File Input Plugin With jQuery and Bootstrap 3/4 - Bootstrap Fileinput, jQuery Plugin For Beautifying Checkboxes And Radio Buttons - iCheck, jQuery Plugin For Online Drag & Drop Form Builder, Customizable Password Strength Meter With jQuery And zxcvbn.js - strengthify, Create An Interactive Credit Card Form In jQuery - Card.js. Existing